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Container Plywood Flooring Manufacturers

United® ContainerMax™ Container structural container floor boards manufactured by Oberoi Wood Industries are the most durable and sturdy container flooring plywood panels that adhere to the stringent IICL-TB001 standards.

Our USP’s

  • 28mm Thickness – Low variation in thickness and High dimensional stability
  • Customised Groove and Bevel (as per design)- We offer pre grooved container panels that can be fit right into the slot of the container floor this enables huge cost savings due to reduction of Labour work at the yard while installing new panels or replacing old container floorboards
  • ISO certified Processes
  • TCT treatment as per AQIS
  • FSC Compliant – We use only sustainably grown plantation Hardwood Eucalyptus timber for our plywood,No forestwood policy is strictly adhered to
  • Low Formaldehyde emissions- Our plywood has one of the lowest formaldehyde emissions making it safe for use and work with. We are compliant with E0 norms and CARB tested for exports to Europe and USA .With the growth of alternative use of containers, United Containermax Floor boards is the perfect plywood solution for Container homes, Container offices and Container paneling.
  • High GSM Phenolic Film- All our container panels are offered with High GSM phenolic film to protect the container from water damage from the underside. This enhances the container floor life

A typical Container floor plywood lasts for more 10 years in service , United Containemax floorboards provides container manufacturers the Trust and experience that we have built over the past 30 years , to ensure that the flooring does not have to be replaced frequently

We ensure the container attain longevity by giving it the utmost durability and rigorous quality checks during Production, Lab testing and through a diligent Pre Dispatch Inspection so that our customers can reliably say that

” We trust only United Containermax container floor panels – The best solution for Container floors.”

Benefits of using United Containermax Container flooring plywood

  • Adeheres to and exceeds IICL- TB001 standards
  • 100% boiling waterproof.
  • Excellent tensile strength – exceeds T7 grade of IICL short span tensile test. More than 690kg/m2 / 6900N/m2
  • They are water proof so there is no problem with moulds and seepage
  • We use high GSM
  • United Container flooring plywood is pesticide-treated to render the insects' attack unsuccessful.

Container flooring plywood manufactured at United Plywood goes through numerous quality checks to ensure that only the best ones reach the concerned consumer.


SIZE : 2440X1220X28 MM , BWP GRADE

S. No. Sample Number First Second Third
1 Ply Count (Specified min. 19) 19 19 19
2 Mass (g) 402.5 406.1 433.1
3 Width (in.) 2.00 1.97 2.00
4 Thickness (in.) Specified min. 1.1 1.15 1.15 1.14
5 Length (in.) 12.05 12.05 12.05
6 Span (in.) 10.00 10.00 10.00
7 Maximum Load (lbf) Specified min. 1525 lbf 1898.96 1816.77 1964.36
8 Results (Pass/Fail) Pass Pass Pass
9 Shear Force (lbf) 899.48 858.39 882.18
10 Shear strength (psi) 564.26 543.6 517.22
11 Slope (lbf/in.) 11920.63 11144.93 11698.63
12 Modulus of Elasticity (psi) 972805.93 916350.68 959544.51
13 Modulus of Rupture (psi) 9216.93 9851.96 9565.33
14 Failure Bending Bending Bending
15 Failure Location Plies 1-6 Plies 1-2,5-7 Plies 1-2,4-6
16 Boiling Test Pass Pass Pass
17 MOISTURE CONTENT % 5.98 6.06 6.75

Advantages of opting for 28 mm United container flooring plywood

Why is it that our 28mm container flooring plywood is considered the best option?

  • United Containermax is the strongest, toughest, and most durable plywood available as of now.
  • We use 100% glued layers of Core veneers and 100% glued panels with technologically advanced high-quality Low emission phenolic resin ( conforms to IS 848) to ensure that the resultant container flooring plywood is waterproof and stands the test of time..
  • The consistent thickness of 28 mm container flooring plywood speaks for itself.
  • The dual film technology and High 120GSM black flim that we use on the underside of every container plywood gives our product an exemplary smooth and unbeatable surface finish and eliminates the need for painting and time wasting while installing the container floor at the yard.

As we are among the renowned 28mm Container Plywood Flooring manufacturers, we understand the needs of our customers and innovateto ensure the customer saves time and money by using United Containermax Container floor plywood panels.

Our 28mm container plywood is made using superior quality sheets of veneer bonded with the best quality PF resin.
We give assured quality solutions to transportation dilemmas with our top-quality container flooring plywood.
Our 28mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood will stay in completely sound condition during loading and unloading as we offer Pallet packaging for exports

Rely on United ContainerMax Flooring Plywood For The Best Solutions

We offer top-tier 28 mm container flooring plywood, and we are the leading manufacturer in this industry. If you are looking for unmatched quality, then United Plywood is the right place for you. Your flooring will be precise and robust.

Trust our United Containermax container plywood flooring to give your containers and products impenetrable protection.
We believe in delivering 100% customer satisfaction to ensure that they keep coming back to us in case of any need.