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High density Film Faced Shuttering plywood made with High Densification Ratio (HDR) and All Glue lines which guarantees maximum repetitions and high-quality surface finish.

Preferred choice for builders, developers, and contractors.

  • Maximum repetitions guaranteed.
  • Shuttermax our high density film faced plywood provides best in class surface finish best cost to repetition ratio in the industry.
  • 100% hardwood eucalyptus wood ensures extra strength and higher water tolerance for lower swelling.
  • Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties.

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Shuttering Plywood is being used for the construction of high rise buildings, bridges, metro projects, flyovers ,water tanks, cooling towers etc.

Sizes: 8x4 , 6x4 , 6x3 Feet

Thicknesses: 12, 15, 18, 25 MM

Weight: 30, 34, 36 & 38 KG in 12MM, 45, 50, 54, KG in 18MM

Density: 0.85 to 1.20 gm/cm3

Are you looking for United Shuttering plywood?

We at Oberoi wood industries, manufacture the best quality shuttering plywood. We look forward to providing our valued clients with an extensive series of shuttering plywood. We are amongst the Top 10 Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India because of our shuttering plywood's high load bearing capacity impact-resistance and super smooth mirror finish Our shuttering plywood products are manufactured with the best quality timber and high performance resin to exceed our clients stringent requirements.


  1. It has a smooth mirror like superior finishing on both surfaces
  2. It saves up to 45% of cost compared to other similar products due to more repetition during shuttering work.
  3. Its cross laminated structure between face veneer, core veneer and the film again enhances the strength of ply.

Technical Details

Dimensions ISI Requirements Oberoi Panels Observation
Length 2440 + 6
2442 mm
Width 1220 + 3
1222 mm
Thickness 12mm +- 5% 11.90 mm
Squareness 2mm / 1000mm 0.96 mm
Edge Straightness 2mm / 1000mm 0.50 mm
Moisture Contents 5 - 15% 7.50%
Glue Shear Strength(in dry state) Avg. - 1350 N
Ind. - 1100 N
1520 N
1190 N
Glue Shear Strength(in wet state) Avg. - 1000 N
Ind. - 800 N
1260 N
900 N
Tensile Strength Along the grain 480kg./cm2
Across the grain 340kg./cm2
Total 820kg./cm2

Suggestions for users

  • Cleaning and oiling is essential for increasing life.

  • Use screws for fixing shuttering.

  • Store properly stacked under the shed.

  • Care for scratches while transportation.

  • Should be recoated with mould oil before the next use.

  • Edges of board in pack shall be vertical and in straight line.

Special Features of Our Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

  • Saves more cost due to increased repetitions.

  • Provides smooth surface to concrete form work.

  • Most effective in RCC construction.

Our Brands

Shree Jupiter

Oberoi wood industries, the top Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India offers their customers the most customised and premium solutions for shuttering plywood. The varied of customer requirements are met with super strong and highly efficient shuttering plywood. The shuttering plywood is used extensively in the construction of buildings, factories, and other structures due to its excellent quality and resistance qualities, which provide the quality and strength necessary to achieve the entire foundation of the project. We are dedicated to providing the best quality shuttering plywood to our customers.

The Key Features Of Our Shuttering Plywood

  • They are highly strong and dimensionally stable plywood.
  • They consume less water due to excellent ceiling functionality.
  • Highly static bending strength involves balanced construction for the customer.
  • These are abrasion-resistant plywood.

We strive to adopt the finest Technology and Standards to maintain the quality and other factors of the shuttering plywood. This way, we get the optimal techniques to deliver the high-quality shuttering plywood by making them 100% customer-centric and reliable.

Our shuttering plywood is specially designed to do concrete shuttering form work and high load shuttering applications.

We offer the best waterproof and long-lasting reusable shuttering plywood that rewards the contractors with a high Return on Investment and upto 45% lower project cost for shuttering.

We look forward to delivering sustainable and valuable products to our customers as the Best Shuttering Plywood manufactured in India for the world

The Gold standard of Shuttering Plywood

Tech driven process, Consistent results. Everytime

True quality can only be process driven, hence all our production lines are equipped with automated machinery with Online weight monitoring system to ensure minimum Weight variation and provide Weight Guarantee for our plywood. We also have Fully automated presses based on PLC systems to ensure the top-notch quality that our customers trust us for. Our United®, Redtech®, Marinex® and Shuttermax ™ range is made with All Glue Lines which ensures that they stand the test of time under the harshest conditions.

Maximum repetitions guaranteed
- 36 kg: 20+ Repetitions
- 34 kg: 18+ Repetitions
- 30 kg: 15+ Repetitions