What You Should Be Aware Of

What are the specialties that your company/products are offering today?

Our specialty products include High-Grade Film Faced Shuttering plywood made with a High Densification Ratio (HDR) and All Glue line protection which guarantees maximum repetitions and a high-quality surface finish. We also offer cost-effective and genuine waterproof plywood with low formaldehyde emissions to cater to increasingly health-conscious consumers. Our specialty products are Industrial grade plywoods which are 25mm to 50mm thick and adhere to the stringent international standards of our B2B clients.

Please share your new innovation/technology in any of your product ranges.

True quality can only be process driven; hence all our production lines are equipped with automated machinery with online weight monitoring to guarantee accurate weight in Shuttering plywood and real-time data analytics in the factory to ensure process compliance. We also have fully automated presses based on PLC systems and thermodynamic sensors to ensure the top-notch quality that our customers trust us for.
Our United®, Redtech®, Marinex® and Shuttermax ranges are made with All Glue Lines which ensures that they stand the test of time under the harshest conditions. We have also incorporated QR code-based authenticity checks to ensure that our customers are not cheated by cheap imitations.

Your opinion about the current market/material availability/demand/supply scenario and its future?

The low availability of raw materials is a cyclical issue due to the low plantation of timber in previous years, which was caused by a sharp dip in the prices of timber a few years ago. As an industry, we need to ensure that the farmers get remunerated adequately even when the availability of timber is more so that they are incentivised to plant Poplar and Eucalyptus alongside their produce. The change in prices of raw materials will reflect in the price rise of the finished product. The dip in demand is a function of sentiment and we hope that it should pick up soon; the availability of raw materials should improve by next year and we hope that prices would stabilize at reasonable levels. Till then, it is imperative to keep supplies at moderate levels and focus on quality instead of quantity.

Your message for Dealers, Distributors, the Interior Decorating industry and other industry professionals?

Dealers and Distributors are the representatives of the industry in the market. Their support is crucial, especially in tough times when prices are rising and demand is stagnating. They are crucial for educating the end consumer and decision influencers such as Interior decorators and Architects. These decision-makers need to understand the value of the base material that is used and the importance of using high-quality plywood as a base instead of opting for cheaper alternatives. A consumer spends Lakhs of rupees on his dream home project; the foundation for a great interior project is dependable high-quality plywood that has stood the test of time. In the construction and Industrial sector, the decision makers trust our United® brand to provide them with the quality that justifies the cost-benefit and offers considerable savings in the overall project cost.

Please give brief info about the company (not more than 75 words) with the STALL NO. at Matecia Exhibition 2022.

For over 30 years, Oberoi Wood Industries has been a renowned manufacturer in the Plywood industry. Our brands United®, Redtech® and Marinex® have a pan India Dealer network and are an industry benchmark for superior quality and trusted service across our product range. We have established a factory warehouse and sales office in Faridabad, which will help us, serve the Delhi NCR market in a better way.
Visit us at stall no P14, Hall no 2G.