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We've been manufacturing plywood for decades and can attest to the high quality of our marine and water-resistant plywood. They are made in accordance with Indian standards and successfully meet the needs of the customer. Marine plywood is recognised to be the highest grade plywood in the plywood industry. This indicates that marine plywood is the best grade of all plywood varieties. In India, the IS grade for marine plywood that should be followed is IS710. BWP, or boiling waterproof plywood, is the most popular type of marine plywood. Synthetic plastic resins, principally a Phenol Formaldehyde resin with high adhesive characteristics, are utilised in the making of maritime plywood. The use of high-quality resins aids in the prevention of moisture and water intrusion. To ensure that the quality of the plywood is not compromised, we utilise undiluted resin. IS:5509 is the Indian quality standard for fire-resistant plywood of the FR grade. The plywood should burn for more than 20 minutes, and it should take more than 30 minutes for flames to infiltrate the plywood. Chemicals like diammonium hydrogen phosphate are used to make fire-resistant plywood. The addition of fireproofing chemicals increases the plywood's fire resistance features, such as a lesser possibility of sparking and igniting, as well as slow-burning, with less of a tendency for the fire to spread across the surface.

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