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  • 20 June,2022

The finest shuttering plywood, and we are the Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers of wood and the associated items, all of which may be delivered to you at more reasonable rates. We supply shuttering plywood of the highest possible quality, and our materials come in various thicknesses and sizes so that we can cater to the various building requirements that our customers have.

The plywood used for shutters is inherently resistant to water and won't rot, warp, or buckle. This is one of the best quality shuttering plywood. It is primarily resistant to water infiltration due to the Glue used throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, this Glue guarantees that the required levels of strength and durability are met.

Suppose you are seeking water-resistant shuttering plywood of the highest possible quality. In that case, Oberoi Plywood Industries, is the company that shuttering plywood manufacturers in YamunaNagar of the highest possible quality. We provide you with a wide variety of solutions to choose from to fulfill all of your building requirements.

The top and bottom veneers are covered with a water-repellent phenolic film that is protected by a resistant double layer of phenolic film supported by a highly absorbent Kraft sheet. This helps enhance the resistance qualities of the veneer. The plywood used for shuttering is non-corrosive and can endure the high alkaline medium found in concrete cement.

Throughout the whole usage period, the technical properties of the shuttering plywood produced by Oberoi Plywood Industries remain unaltered. With our superior production technique, we can provide the best shuttering plywood services in Haryana.

Why Should You Choose Oberoi Plywood Industries?

  • 1. Waterproof shuttering plywood, I will bring it to you.

  • 2. One hundred percent assurance that the plywood has the specified thickness.

  • 3. We have a great deal of expertise in the production of plywood.

  • 4. The highest quality production method is made available to you.

  • 5. The quality of the shuttering plywood is examined from two different perspectives.

The advantages Of Using Plywood As a Shutter

Why Should You Choose Oberoi Plywood Industries?

  • 1. The process of shuttering plywood or film-faced plywood results in a flawless finishing that resembles a mirror and is present on both sides.

  • 2. This helps save Money since shuttering requires more repetitive work than other types of plywood.

  • 3. This plywood is suitable for use not only as a material for use outside or indoors but also for the construction of various pieces of furniture.

  • 4. The tolerance power of shuttering plywood allows it to manage heavy outdoor usage and reuse repeatedly.

  • 5. This makes it ideal for use in construction purposes because it possesses a variety of water-resistant properties.

  • 5. It can protect against weather conditions that could be harmful. Therefore, the ears' durability has been shown.

  • 5. On top of that, the smooth surface of the shuttering plywood makes it very simple to clean and preserve in its intended state.

  • 5. It is possible to use it for various functions, such as supporting the base of the drains, the ceiling, the walls, or the pillars, which often demand maximum strength and security.

  • Oberoi plywood business has established a quality standard in the industry that manufactures United Shuttering plywoodandard is used in interior and exterior designs. We provide shuttering plywood of the highest quality and durability and the most desirable characteristics.