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Top Applications of Marine Grade Plywood You Weren’t Aware Of

  • By Admin
  • 12 Sep,2022

Marine Plywood, also well known as waterproof plywood, offers excellent water resistance qualities while protecting objects from corrosion, and extending their life. Being water resistant, it performs well in all weather conditions, making it a perfect choice for both indoors and outdoors. This is why it has a comprehensive application, besides just being used in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Let’s dive in to find the various spaces; marine grade plywood can be used for.

1. Bathrooms

Be it at homes or other commercial spaces like offices, hotels, restaurants, etc., the bathroom is the area that has the most water flow and is always full of moisture. The spill of water on the bathroom floors is simply unavoidable, making everyone opt for marine plywood these days. You can use this marine-grade plywood on the bathroom walls, subfloors, and even on other bathroom structures like slabs, etc.

Also, in cases when you take hot showers or steam, and if the wood used in the bathroom isn’t good enough, moisture will end up getting soaked in the wood. This will lead to wood getting rot or getting affected by termites. Thus, bathrooms need to be made with marine plywood that will prevent the floor and other elements from getting affected by overflow of moisture.

2. Kitchens

Another area in homes that is in constant touch with water and moisture is the kitchen. Accidental spills of liquids, kids, pets, and even adults, walking in with wet soaked feet, and then the need to constantly mop the floor. This is where it is advised to use marine-grade plywood to underlay other flooring materials- tiles, hardwood, or anything. Being really durable and strong, it can easily bear a lot of weight and moisture in high footfall spaces. Being completely resistant against steam and humidity often caused by cooking in the kitchen, it is an ultimate choice.

Also, remember in case you want your cabinets to be waterproof, marine plywood can be a great consideration.

3. Sheds

Sheds! Yes, you heard it right. If you want your shed to be of top-notch quality that too without compromising the weather-resistant factor, then go ahead with marine-grade plywood for making your sheds. If built right, stay assured it will last over the decades to come.

4. Patio Furniture

Another popular application of marine plywood is the patio furniture, also called garden furniture. The furniture pieces like benches, tables, chairs in the backyards, gardens, etc. are manufactured using top-notch marine-grade plywood. As these furniture are placed outdoors they are prone to rain and water, so the use of marine grade plywood is crucial to enhance their life.

5. Roofs

In areas with lots of moisture and humidity like the homes, offices, hotels, near the lakes and oceans can make use of marine plywood in roofing. The marine wood can make a perfect base for the roofs, keeping the moisture away. Not to forget, it is durable and can easily hold onto shingles too.

The applications are just uncountable. You can use marine plywood anywhere and everywhere, where you wish to use wood but want the place to be completely waterproof. It can be the birdhouse, concert venues, etc.

Final Words

If you are looking for high-quality marine grade plywood that offers optimum strength and density, surface resistance feature, and impact finishing strength, then reach out to Oberoi Wood Industries today!