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Why United Plywood Is The Best In Its Field ?

  • By Admin
  • 14 Jan,2023

Modern living and lifestyle calls for the best investment in your everyday affairs. The use of plywood to ensure the finest home interiors just can’t be ignored. This is where United Plywood comes in. This renowned and established brand of Oberoi Wood Industries is known to perform and offer its best at whatever work they do.

Offering a variety of products that are of top-notch quality and the best in the market to ensure customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver the desired outcomes. Our product range includes Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers, general plywood, cable drums, container plywood in Yamunanagar, and calibrated plywood. Let's take a closer look, and discuss products individually in brief.

1. Shuttering Plywood

The Best shuttering plywood manufacturers in india from United is the preferred choice for builders, developers, and contractors to provide cost-effective formwork and shuttering solutions for all their valuable projects. Available in Red and Black Films, our shuttering plywood is equipped with features enabling the plywood to withstand the harsh acidic conditions of concrete and water. The resulting surface provides maximum repetitions with a superior finish so that the labor for slab rework and plastering is minimized, aiding the builders to save a lot in the overall project cost.

2. Structural Plywood For Container Flooring

Oberoi's Wood Industries' United container floor panels are considered the best solution for new container floors as well as the repair of container floor panels. Our container plywood in Yamunanagar has premium features including toughness and thickness, reliability and robustness, ultimate quality and finish, optimum strength and stability, termite resistance and borer-free, environment friendly and emission-free, and durability.

3. Calibrated Plywood

Core veneer composers are the most commonly utilized (pressed) material in the fabrication of calibrated plywood. Oberoi's finished product is perfectly calibrated plywood with perfect polish. It is because of our ply's constant thickness that makes it is an ideal panel product for use by mechanized automated furniture manufacturers. It has a wide application in furniture pieces, mattresses, kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes, and sofas, resulting in a rise in demand for plywood with consistent thickness. Because of its high tolerance, the calibrated plywood is a perfect pick for kitchens.

4. Cable Drum Plywood

Our cable drum plywood is widely used to carry a variety of wires and cables, such as optical fiber, electrical wire, and other wire goods. Manufactured using high-quality poplar and eucalyptus wood, these are lightweight and long-lasting, making them reusable and protecting your pockets from any kind of burden. Our cable drum plywood is used in heavy-duty situations. Plywood Cable Drums are used to transport electric cables, fibre optic cables, and wire items over long distances, thanks to the amazing durability.

Our drums are highly valued for their excellent strength, sturdiness, and finish and to fulfill the needs of our customers, they are available in several sizes.

Driven by determination, passion, and undivided focus, Oberoi continues to work in pursuit of excellence, and the will to achieve greater heights will always stay ignited within, making us certainly the best in the competitive market. Visit us today to avail from our product range.